Comprehensive maternity care

We understand that pregnancy is a unique special time in a woman's life. With Chena Ob-Gyn, the majority of deliveries are attended to by your own provider rather than just the doctor on call. We have two certified nurse midwives on staff, Maureen Sullivan, and Dale Hardy, who are experts at natural childbirth. Our two obstetricians can either act as your primary provider for your pregnancy, or step in if complications arise during the pregnancy or during childbirth. We offer on-site ultrasound, fetal non stress testing to ensure fetal well being, and our providers are trained in external cephalic versions, amniocentesis, and Cesarean Delivery if that is required. Deliveries occur at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Women's Center.

Surgical Gynecology

Surgical and medical treatment of heavy periods

Should you suffer from heavy periods a search for the root cause may be undertaken.  For treatment, hormonal management or an office treatment called endometrial ablation can often be alternatives to hysterectomy.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our physicians are experienced in robotic, laparoscopic and vaginal hysterectomy routes for gynecologic surgeries which can reduce the recovery time from traditional surgery. Dr. Mudge was the first surgeon in the Fairbanks area to be credentialed in robotic surgery, and Dr. Hogenson is credentialed in robotic surgery as well. We also offer robotic assist surgeries for treating fibroids, and offer minimally invasive tubal reversal surgery for women hoping to restore fertility.

Medical Gynecology

Infertility evaluation and treatment 

For couples experiencing difficulty conceiving, a consultation and an investigation into possible causes of infertility can be the first step in achieving pregnancy. Intrauterine insemination is available. Dr. Hogenson is a regional access provider for Seattle Reproductive Medicine.

Evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence

There are a number of solutions, surgical or medical, that may improve the quality of life for women who suffer with this problem. Tension Free Vaginal Tape (TVT) surgery, or placement of Mini-Arc mid urethral sling, or the placement of a pessary are options.

Screening for gynecologic cancers/well woman care

We keep up to date on the recommendations for cancer and other screening recommendations so that you may benefit from early detection.

HPV vaccination

Girls and women aged 9 to 26 are eligible for the newest vaccine, the tetravalent (effective against 4 different virus subtypes) HPV vaccine.  HPV is the virus that causes cervical cancer, and some types cause genital warts.  Even women who have had abnormal pap smears may benefit from this vaccine.


We are offering the Essure procedure, a newer form of sterilization done without incisions. IUD placement available. Implanon is a contraceptive rod we can place that is effective contraception for 3 years.